Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Somali pirate pulverizing appliance malfunctions

The Somali pirate pulverizing appliance, pictured, has badly malfunctioned in that fifteen to twenty vessels crewed by 250 to 300 people are now in the hands of the pirates at any one time. Conducting investigations into the cause, Frit has ruled out electrical faults apart from those concerning electrical impulses within circuits inside the brains of those who have ultimate command of the appliance. The official medical term for this brain malfunction is “spinelessness”. A phrase that describes this malfunction is “accepting the big money but not the big responsibility”.

A Danish policeman also appears to have malfunctioned for similar reasons in that, when confronted with a Somali attempting to commit a murder armed with an axe and a knife, he shot at his leg instead of his head. The Danish taxpayer will now be coughing up the big legal costs and social benefits for years to come.