Friday, 30 May 2008

From each according to his ability to remain the boss, to each according to his need to be bossed over

The bosses of the present day German communist party (masquerades under the name “Die Linke”, instead of “Die Kommunisten”) have just managed to have themselves re-elected to office. Of course, in a party where all are equal they have it in their power to decline and let some of their equal comrades have a turn. But, no, they are accepting office. Like the bosses of anti-boss communist parties the world over, they somehow always manage to just go on and on being boss.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Teachers take money and run

Teachers are on the radio going on about a wonderful new idea: courses teaching children how to deal with bullies and mobbing. They are enthusiastically waxing lyrical about this and it all sounds very fine and valuable and furry, and you’d never dream that what they are really talking about is making the child responsible for its own safety at school whilst eagerly shirking that responsibility themselves. They carry on taking the paycheque though.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Amnesty International – saving the ass of our fellow madman

Today, Amnesty International heroes are being provided air time by their accomplices in the international mainstream media to concern us with the rights of mad people interned at Guantanamo Bay. How come people making cash and careers out of being so full of the rights of others always come over as being so full of themselves?

Frit, like any other civilised person, abhors the idea of brutality and torture. Unfortunately, Frit is also very upset when mad people commit terrorist atrocities. Those who blow to pieces innocent strangers on their way to work or burn them at their office desks have, in Frit’s opinion, opted out of the human race and therefore out of their human rights. Their suffering is of no concern. So when a policeman employed to protect society (and paid a large sum of money by society for so doing) sits across the desk from Mohamed the mad terrorist, saying “Right, Sir, we know you’ve put a bomb on the school bus, which school bus is it?”, and Mohamed the mad terrorist replies “I have a right to silence”, Frit would deem the policeman guilty of letting society down when he replies “So you have, Sir, may I make you a cup of tea and introduce you to a hero from Amnesty International?”

In such a situation, Frit would tend to think the policeman is accepting the large sum of money without accepting any of the responsibility. Frit would see it as the policeman’s simple duty to repeat the question with more determination and state-of-the-art insistence. Principles are strategies for achieving desirable ends; they are not convenient excuses to dodge behind when unpleasant responsibility calls.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

London divorces Chavez

In putting a stop to disgraceful collaboration with communist Nazi conman Chavez entered into by the previous same sex whining communist who lately vacated the office, London’s new mayor appears to be acting out of straightforward honourable conservative principle, unlike what is promised by the rest of the British Conservative party whose strategy for gaining power appears worryingly like simply stealing most of its opponent’s clothes. Brown clothes.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Discriminatory dithering

The European Union, that well intended institution long since highjacked by assorted communists, is in a state about discrimination at the moment. Many words are being spoken about this subject (and sold). It seems that, in some European countries, it is still possible for a free man or woman to choose not to associate with homosexuals without being sued, whereas he or she is not free to choose not to associate with black people without being sued. This is deemed unfair and discriminatory. Unfair to the homosexual, of course, as opposed to unfair to the free man or woman, and the assorted European communist EU botherers are in a dither about it. Having created a society governed by stupid furriness, they find they have some blurred lines. They are unsure where to stop, and the following questions arise:

a. Does Frit’s dear hope of never being subjected to a rogering at the hands of a samesexer under any circumstances mean he might be accused of discriminating against that group and carted off to jail?
b. Does the fact that Mrs Frit is a white lady automatically mean he discriminates against black ladies?
c. Does the fact that he hates cats substantially more than he hates dogs mean he is unfair to dogs?
d. Does his preference for geraniums at the expense of daffodils mean he must at some point be taken before the All Ultimate Big Chief EU Moneyspinning Court of Antidiscrimination and sentenced to slow suffocation by fur?

Friday, 23 May 2008

Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi
Mostly stays at home for tea.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Hey big spender

Frit thanks the Mail Online for the following. The figures speak for themselves. Frit likes a thing with figures. The words “openness” and “transparency” are ever on the lips of the ruling class, but they like to keep their figures to themselves.

In Jerusalem it has become much harder to get a room in the city's best hotel, a carved stone palace that was once the haunt of Churchill and Lawrence of Arabia. The reason for the shortage is simple. There are only 86 bedrooms at the American Colony Hotel and ten of them ? more than an entire floor ? have been booked indefinitely by Tony Blair to be used as offices by his mission to the Middle East.
The cost, much of it borne by the British taxpayer, is considerable. The Mail on Sunday has obtained a copy of Mr Blair's contract with the hotel, which shows it is being paid nearly $1.34 million ? about £700,000 ? annually for the office rooms alone.
When Mr Blair and his entourage of six bodyguards, a Press officer and Nick Banner, a former member of his team at Downing Street, are in town, the space available at the Colony shrinks still further. Although the well appointed British Consulate-General is just three streets away, they sleep at the Colony ? adding about £2,000 per night to the bill, not including food.
Since Mr Blair's appointment last June, the mission has also purchased a £75,000 armoured car and spent £55,000 on security, £15,000 on phones, computers and stationery, £2,500 on car rental and £20,000 on general administration.
Naturally enough, when Mr Blair flies to Israel, something he does at least once a month, he and Mr Banner go first-class on British Airways, a return fare costing £2,424 each. The bodyguards have to put up with club, which costs £1,732.

Mr Blair’s salary is reportedly 400,000 pounds per year.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Return to Persia

Confusion about whether back of beyond and unimportant Burma is “Myanmar” or “Burma”, or both, stems from the fact that those who run the international media have given up referring to it as “Myanmar” having found out that the “ruling military junta” of that country, which they dislike because it is made up of horrible soldiers in uniforms (shudder), is responsible for having changed the name. In its deliberations (agonisings) over this matter, the BBC, ever a fair and impartial organisation, makes the mistake of asking the question: “So does the choice of Burma or Myanmar indicate a particular political position?”

Mark Farmener, of Burma Campaign UK, presumably an individual possessed of extremely furry credentials, replies: "Often you can tell where someone's sympathies lie if they use Burma or Myanmar.”

Does this then mean that the BBC has at last been caught having “sympathies”? No, no! Of course not! “It's general practice at the BBC to refer to the country as Burma”, explains the BBC News website. “This is because most of its audience is familiar with that name rather than Myanmar.”

Ah, so they do it for the sake of the audience. How kind. It’s not a political thing at all. So it’s illogical of us to expect they soon ought to stop referring to Persia, an important country right at the centre of world events, as Iran, the name given to it by the unelected, insane, misogynistic Jew-baiting junta that seized power there.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Human Fertilisation, Embryology and Frankenstein Bill

Yesterday, the British parliament voted to permit the creation of human-animal hybrids. Unfortunately, the current prime minister will have to wait until it permits human-vegetable hybrids before he finds himself on the right side of the law.
Frit notes that the amendment in question, which sought to ban mere straightforward, logical scientific research, was voted down with a majority of 160, whilst the amendment that tried to prevent the truly disgusting creation of “saviour siblings”, i.e. people born as spare parts suppliers to their older brothers and sisters, was voted down with an astonishing majority of 279 on the basis that as long as the names of those brothers and sisters are only engraved on the hapless creature’s bone marrow and not on its giblets its okay!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Holiest person alive – now even more holy than Holiest of Hollies Holy Kofi Annan

Are we all truly sick of hearing the two stupid words “Dalai” and “Lama”? We know the reincarnate that goes by this title graciously postponed his own nirvana and opted for rebirth in order to serve humanity, but he really needn’t have bothered, we could have gotten along.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Whatever happened to those careful, safe and considerate lady drivers of yore?

There was a time when female drivers were the best drivers, but, nowadays, whenever Frit and Mrs Frit are almost totalled on the roads, which is several times a day, the culprit is almost always a horrible fraught female gorilla.

Saturday, 17 May 2008


Those who like to indulge themselves by giving a few coppers to a poor person are this week giving those coppers to furry Burmese cyclone victims at the expense of Chinese earthquake victims, as these are deemed unfurry for the way they treat those nice innocent Tibetans who are absolute peace loving angel monks to a man and have such a wonderful culture and would never do anybody any harm. Growing up is a long process for some.

Friday, 16 May 2008


Thank goodness we got Israel’s 60th anniversary over and done with before it provided the media with any more opportunity to interview whinging Palestinian “activists”, each a father of 57 children, and opportunity to turn the event into the 60th anniversary of the “Palestinian Catastrophe” (by which they absolutely do not mean the catastrophe of the advent of that sad modern-day phenomenon, the professional Palestinian foreign aid guzzler and breeding machine).

May Frit refer all concerned to an earlier post entitled “A tale of two ladies”, which is to be considered definitive as regards all aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and may he remind that the number of unfortunate Palestinians dispossessed in war with the Israelis sixty years ago was around 700,000. The vast majority of the truly remarkable 10.5 million Palestinians bred into existence in the meantime were not on the planet back then. They were never driven out of anywhere and have no claim to anything, and the very idea that the simpletons who run our media should indulge them in this way, forcing us to listen to endless whining about returning to “their land”, is a downright disgrace. Wake up! However softly Palestinians may endlessly talk about their rights and about possessing “their land”, whilst sitting on their backsides eating aid, they are by implication talking about destroying the state of Israel, all its works and all its people. And giving them air time so to do is not an act of fairness, furriness and impartiality, it is an act of bungling complicity in their sincerely intended genocidal crime.


Teachers, by definition, ought to be the very last people permitted to teach anybody anything.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tarring with same brush

The spectacle of hysterical mussulmen beating themselves until they bleed is becoming a regular one on our TV screens. It is always shown as an interesting cultural event, an almost wholesome phenomena, and not as a horrifying gross phenomena of which the human race should be ashamed. It is never shown with condemning comment. Otherwise we might offend. Offend who? Offend thick, backward, hate-filled barmy mussulmen? But what about the other mussulmen, the ones who look at this spectacle with the same degree of disgust as civilised, sane people the world over, and who need our support? Why does the ruling class ignore these sane mussulmen and pander to the insane ones? Why oh why do they tar all mussulmen with the same brush? Are they racists?

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Our European communist parties

Communism was once a sincere ideology that failed because it was mistaken, idiotic and brutal. Today it is just the idle buggar’s strategy for stealing from the industrious.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Fighting in Lebanon

A nation
With too much population,
Is having another conflagration.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Golden rule

A golden reporting rule taught at the schools of mainstream media journalism states that when a left-oriented politician increases taxes he does so for the public good, whereas when a right-oriented politician lowers taxes he does so for the public vote.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A tale of two ladies

The State of Israel’s 60th anniversary appears to be providing the mainstream media with a good opportunity to bash the Jews. A typical underhanded attack on Israel brought to the attention of Frit appeared in the British “Independent” newspaper (independent of what?). This article begins with “How did a Jewish state founded 60 years ago end up throwing filth at cowering Palestinians?”, a typically vicious, emotionally charged negative blood-soaked statement dressed up as an interesting innocent question. The article then goes on, of course, in typical fashion, to come up with all the anti-Israel answers required, all rendered fair and palatable when prefaced with the admission that Israel has produced some really good writers and journalists over the years, so it's not all bad. The childishness of it!

As with all matters concerning Israelis and Palestinians, Frit would urge the ruling class to view life in terms of harsh realities rather than in terms of highfaluting concepts, and to consider the following tale of two ladies:

Once upon a time at the end of the Second World War, Gerlinde The German Lady was ethnically cleansed from Luxembourg. At around the same time, Fatma The Palestinian Lady was ethnically cleansed from what is now Israel. Gerlinde The German Lady went on to have two children and a new life, and each of her two children had two of their own. Fatma The Palestinian Lady went on to have 57 children, thus no new life, and each of her 57 children had 57 of their own in full knowledge that very little divided by 57 makes very much less.

As hard to grasp as the mind of the ruling class might find it, this, and only this, is the true reason the Palestinians are now at war with Israel whilst the Germans are not at war with Luxembourg.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Livingstone out

London town has at last been liberated from the grip of terror-promoting anti-Semitic same sex communism. Frit rejoices and looks forward to the day a similar thing happens to the BBC.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

All in the name

Today, Frit heard mention of the name of the voter group into which he would least like to fit: white non-college democrat.

Friday, 2 May 2008

History books

In the eyes of the ruling class, Silvio Berlusconi’s vilest of utterances is “Our children must no longer study history books that include Marxist deviations”. Unthinkable words. Ruling class bounders, on their high horses, insist that government should never be involved in the writing and teaching of history. Goodness me no. These tasks “should be left to writers and teachers”, says writer and teacher David Lane in a book full of Marxist deviations that heroically vilifies the Italian prime minister with the object of making lots of money and lots of nice young friends.