Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A tale of two ladies

The State of Israel’s 60th anniversary appears to be providing the mainstream media with a good opportunity to bash the Jews. A typical underhanded attack on Israel brought to the attention of Frit appeared in the British “Independent” newspaper (independent of what?). This article begins with “How did a Jewish state founded 60 years ago end up throwing filth at cowering Palestinians?”, a typically vicious, emotionally charged negative blood-soaked statement dressed up as an interesting innocent question. The article then goes on, of course, in typical fashion, to come up with all the anti-Israel answers required, all rendered fair and palatable when prefaced with the admission that Israel has produced some really good writers and journalists over the years, so it's not all bad. The childishness of it!

As with all matters concerning Israelis and Palestinians, Frit would urge the ruling class to view life in terms of harsh realities rather than in terms of highfaluting concepts, and to consider the following tale of two ladies:

Once upon a time at the end of the Second World War, Gerlinde The German Lady was ethnically cleansed from Luxembourg. At around the same time, Fatma The Palestinian Lady was ethnically cleansed from what is now Israel. Gerlinde The German Lady went on to have two children and a new life, and each of her two children had two of their own. Fatma The Palestinian Lady went on to have 57 children, thus no new life, and each of her 57 children had 57 of their own in full knowledge that very little divided by 57 makes very much less.

As hard to grasp as the mind of the ruling class might find it, this, and only this, is the true reason the Palestinians are now at war with Israel whilst the Germans are not at war with Luxembourg.

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