Monday, 26 May 2008

Discriminatory dithering

The European Union, that well intended institution long since highjacked by assorted communists, is in a state about discrimination at the moment. Many words are being spoken about this subject (and sold). It seems that, in some European countries, it is still possible for a free man or woman to choose not to associate with homosexuals without being sued, whereas he or she is not free to choose not to associate with black people without being sued. This is deemed unfair and discriminatory. Unfair to the homosexual, of course, as opposed to unfair to the free man or woman, and the assorted European communist EU botherers are in a dither about it. Having created a society governed by stupid furriness, they find they have some blurred lines. They are unsure where to stop, and the following questions arise:

a. Does Frit’s dear hope of never being subjected to a rogering at the hands of a samesexer under any circumstances mean he might be accused of discriminating against that group and carted off to jail?
b. Does the fact that Mrs Frit is a white lady automatically mean he discriminates against black ladies?
c. Does the fact that he hates cats substantially more than he hates dogs mean he is unfair to dogs?
d. Does his preference for geraniums at the expense of daffodils mean he must at some point be taken before the All Ultimate Big Chief EU Moneyspinning Court of Antidiscrimination and sentenced to slow suffocation by fur?