Thursday, 28 May 2009

Mohamed Atta was a pansy

Surely all who chance to see the glorification video made by Mohamed Atta and one of the other bright sparks who destroyed the World Trade Centre, slaughtering all within, must know they are looking at two lonely boys wanting nothing other than to get their hands inside each other’s pants. Unable to deal with this, being the products of societies where such acts are punishable by death, they went out and did something they thought really manly instead.

There appear to be two alternative spellings for the terrorist organisation that represents their religion: ‘Al-Qaeda’, which is short for Arabs Like Queers And Eat Dead Animals, and ‘Al-Kaida’, which is short for Arabs Love Killing Any Infidel Dumb Ass.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Slick essence

How nice of the Multimillionaire White African King to inform us that Guantanamo inmates “may be dangerous, in which case we can't release them”. How nice of him to kindly explain that deciding how to deal with them is going to be one of the “biggest problems” with closing Guantanamo. "It's a messy situation. It's not easy," he kindly informs us. Really? Really? We thought it was a straightforward situation. We thought it was easy. We really did. We thought it was only difficult for George Bush, who said “I'd like to close Guantanamo, but I also recognize that we're holding some people there that are darn dangerous”. But then George Bush is just a fool, of course. Around a year ago, for example, the Multimillionaire White African King told gullible and young voters that the Guantanamo issue is about “the essence of who we are”, whereas George Bush could only manage “No question, Guantanamo sends a signal to some of our friends — provides an excuse, for example, to say the United States is not upholding the values that they're trying to encourage other countries to adhere to”.

In essence, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is very evident in the statements “may be dangerous” and “are darn dangerous”. Democrats are so much more conditional and polite, aren’t they. That’s what makes them so likeable.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Legal profession guilty of bringing down civilisation

Three British judges have ruled that British soldiers are “covered by the right to life”. Soldiers should receive the full protection of the Human Rights Act even when they are on the battlefield, they say. Judges in other countries are sure to follow suit. This means that every family of a dead soldier is going to go to court to obtain compensation (money). This means it is no longer possible to run an army, to fight a war, i.e. the end of civilisation’s ability to defend itself. Democracy is now set for its inevitable downfall due to its fatal inbuilt flaw, i.e. equal voting rights given to the gullible, the young, the greedy, the hapless and other groups whose shortcomings leave them vulnerable to the manipulations of the leftist professional classes, ever eager to sink their teeth into as much money, power and prestige as a constant show of sham self-righteousness can bring in. Judges are typical and representative of this class, and perhaps its most insidious element.

Of course, anyone knows that, were the law written in stone, computers could dispense justice and we would need no judges. The fact that it is not written in stone means that it is always a matter of the interpretation, opinion and prejudice of the judge. So whenever judges excuse their destructive decisions on the basis that “the law is the law”, they are always telling a whopping lie for their own career prospects and their own financial gain. Stuff civilisation!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hectomillionaire lands big UN job

The UN is once more handing out jobs to its own. This time hectomillionaire Bill Clinton is to be UN Special Envoy to Haiti. Frit thought Donald Rumsfeld might be given that job. Bill says he’s delighted. Apparently, no direct salary is paid to special envoys. All the money, power and prestige accumulate indirectly. The Haitians themselves are probably not so delighted as they already have sufficient numbers of crooks around to diddle their junior staff and sweet-talk their way out of it. They also have sufficient numbers of aids cases already.

In the picture, two Haitians can be seen in voodoo garb, casting a spell to keep Bill’s hands out of their purses and their pants.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Thank God for interreligious dialogue

The German federal state of Hessen is trying to award the Hessian Culture Prize for Interreligious Dialogue to those deemed to have been doing really good work in that field. Two Christians were chosen, a Jew was chosen and an individual representing that other religion that is really beginning to get so much on everybody’s nerves was chosen. But the individual representing the religion that is really beginning to get so much on everybody’s nerves, and who has done such wonders for interreligious dialogue over the years, apparently, declined to accept the prize as it would have meant him having to share a podium with a Jew! Another individual representing that same religion was then chosen, but the two Christians then protested on grounds that this individual has been known to utter negative statements concerning the symbol of the cross. So nobody representing the religion that is really beginning to get so much on everybody’s nerves is receiving one of the prizes this year. Hey ho . . .

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Papal Palestinian Pandering Pilgrimage

The pope, the biggest little catholic alive, has been seen wearing a Keffiyah that really didn’t go with the particular model of burka he had on at the time. Also, Keffiyah is an ancient Methodist word derived from Keffi, meaning “scarf”, and Yah, meaning “I’ll cut off your f!!k!!g head if you don’t submit to Methodist supremacy and wear one of these scarves you infidel rotter”. So this choice of fashion accessory appears inappropriate. He must say three Hail Maries, pirouette a couple of times and pray for forgiveness from his predecessor, Pope John Pole, the all-time greatest Pope ever, who indecently suffered for us all so much on camera that we couldn’t wait to see the back of him.

The picture shows the diminutive pope, in his new Keffiyah, riding off to Jerusalem on his recent crusade.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Government of Myanmar arrests most selfless woman alive

This week, saintly Nobel Laureate and heavyweight liberal media money-spinner Aung San Suu Kyi Who Mostly Stays At Home For Tea will be dining elsewhere.

In this recent portrait, the saint in question is depicted wearing some of her many spare haloes stacked up round her neck for convenient storage.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Feminist movement picky about where to apply muscle

Frit notes that, in Sweden, it is now okay for adherents of a certain religion to abort female foetuses at will. So where is the outcry from the feminist movement? Over at the UN Women’s Watch site, for instance, the mighty United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality has a very great deal to say about “incorporating gender equality issues into urban development policies”, and about “women’s voices being raised by the Global Gender Climate Alliance at the climate talks in Bonn”, and about many similarly weighty issues, but has not a word to say about killing the women of the future, in Europe, for reasons of sheer prejudice and financial gain. Almost makes you think that people at the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality are just in it for the money, power and prestige.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dog eats dog

Is there anything more revolting than watching dog eating dog on TV? It happened in the UK, when one of the dogs who rule over us bit one of the bitches that rule over us and feed us the news as she quizzed him on the current MPs' expenses fiddling scandal, asking her how much licence fee money she pockets for her important work. He demanded “freedom of information”. “92,000 pounds”, she admitted, without shame. That is more than the 64,766 pounds paid to MPs, the dog replied, skilfully not mentioning the much larger sums paid to Fiddler in Chief Boredom Brown and his gang of expert fiddling cabinet ministers. “I don't even make a personal phone call from the BBC, as I understand what public sector money is about”, the bitch shamefully then lied.

Yes, good to see dog eating dog in this way, but it is a rare event. Both live from each other and they know it. As Frit has often pointed out in previous posts, he believes it the primary duty of every right-leaning person to ask each and every left-leaning person to show us their bank statements every time they open their mouths in public. It is the only way they can be exposed. It is the only way they can be stopped. There is no shame in earning money, there is only shame in earning money from preaching to the gullible and the young that there's shame in earning it.

Dog can be seen eating dog at

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The religion of science

After reading that, in Britain, a Methodist chef is claiming big money from the British taxpayer on grounds that his employer wanted him to handle pork (because he’s a chef) and handling pork is against his religion, and after reading that the Halal Food Authority, no less, states that "An animal should not be dead prior to slaughter", Frit is heading for Saudi Arabia. The intention is to seek employment in an abattoir and sue the pants off anybody who expects him not to kill anything that’s already dead, on grounds of this being against Frit’s religion, i.e. making sense. The Saudi taxpayer can jolly well cough up.

But reading further down the Halal Food Authority’s page this plan goes awry as it seems that slaughtering may only be carried out by an actual proper Methodist. Non-Methodists are simply unfit for it, although they are kindly allowed to perform downstream abattoir tasks such as skinning and gutting, packaging, transporting and so forth. Nothing racist about that. The Halal Food Authority also tells Frit that Methodism "Is a religion of science, a science which without laboratory testing gave us a covenant that blood is not allowed to be consumed and its raw form could be a hazard and an imperilment to human health. Centuries later, we have the affirmation from Mister Scientist that it is harmful for humankind!" They are so damned scientific. So many light-years ahead of us. So damned smart!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mandatory Volunteerism

In a recent post concerning the subject of slavery, Frit noted that the present incumbent of the White House might well be ironically instrumental in reintroducing it. Nowadays it’s called “mandatory volunteerism”. The difference between mandatory volunteerism and old style American slavery is that, under mandatory volunteerism, whites and blacks both get to pick the cotton for nothing side by side. Then, in the evenings, both get to serve together in the Ku Klux Klan.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Saintly and selfless people on the fiddle

Unelected Prime Minister of Britain Boredom Brown and his team of British labour government spongers have lately been caught fiddling their expenses to such good effect that their poll ratings have hit bottom and it looks very much like we shall see the back of them soon. Irish lefty terrorists Adams and McGuiness are embroiled in it in a big way, too, and Palestinian passport holder hero George Galloway has been revealed as the biggest fiddler of all.
The defence of all these assorted dishonourable individuals is to say that others, such as Frit, fiddle their expenses too. This argument doesn’t wash because the difference is that Frit is not a saint. Frit will readily tell anybody, right upfront, that he’ll fiddle the hell out of any expenses account anyone is fool enough to put him on, as effectively and consistently as he possibly can, because that’s what you do with expenses, whereas Boredom Brown and the rest of the sanctimonious selfless crew spend all their time hoodwinking the gullible and the young into thinking they do otherwise.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Savage conspiracy

Frit notes that, to silence an individual it doesn’t agree with, the European Parliment has had to change its rules. The original rules mistakenly stated that the “oldest serving member of parliament” should make the opening speech of the new session and not that the “oldest serving member of parliament whose views you agree with” should make it. This has now been duly corrected to the benefit of all.

Meanwhile, the banning of Michael Savage from the Islamo-Feminist-Samesexer Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free, a similar instance, is causing Frit to doubt some of what he himself wrote in the right-hand column of this blog a long time ago. This implies that the global takeover and control of all aspects of information and society by one self-seeking group of assorted liberal professionals is an organic, almost unintentional process, stemming from the fact that those who make up this group simply share a common brain and thus a common agenda and therefore have no need to conspire out loud or in writing, as it were, to achieve it. However, putting Michael Savage on a list of true unsavouries and banning him from entering a European country that he had no intention of visiting makes the entire thing start to appear more like a very conscious, deliberate, orchestrated, carefully coordinated and planned sinister international conspiracy. Sources tell Frit that he might well be next to be deprived of opportunity to pig out on fish and chips whilst treading streets paved with gum and dog shit in that once green and pleasant land. As might we all.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Hope to no avail

When recently giving evidence in Washington to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Hectomillionairess Hillary Rod’em Clinton said the situation in Pakistan "poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world". She dares to kindly point this out to us, and those who feed us the news dare to report it as a revelation, when she, and they, and the White African King and every other single one of those who rule us campaigned so relentlessly for so long to bring down the Musharaf government, made up of soldiers in uniforms (shudder), which struggled so valiantly for so long to keep the lid on that dangerously over-procreating and nuclear armed country. When that government was finally brought down, the BBC, mouthpiece of the British wing of those who rule us and who earn so well from screwing civilisation, famously commented that “The hope is a return to democracy will help calm the situation”.

Stand up, stand up for Jesus

Have we all seen the video at showing the mainstream press heroes jumping to their feet for the entrance of the Multimillionaire White African King, then being given permission to sit? Are we all sickened and unbelieving? In the view of Frit and Mrs Frit, in the past, if you wanted to be a voluntarily mesmerised dishonest biased lying arse licker sheep intent on earning money from perverting the causes of truth, you had to try to disguise it from others somehow. Times must have changed.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Short history of slavery

The following is a short history of slavery produced for the benefit of the wife of the Multimillionaire White African King and others who lack an understanding of history due to blinkered prejudice.

1. Slavery began right back in caveman times when the two or three biggest cavemen in the tribe bullied the other cavemen into doing the work.
2. The same principle went on to apply in early civilisations where anyone able to get together a decent collection of bruisers with swords lorded it over the rest.
3. With the advent of trade, slaves began to have an economic value. They could be bought and sold and thus became a currency in themselves.
4. In the fifteenth century, when Europeans started the westward trade in African slaves, they purchased them at the local market because almost everybody in the whole of Africa was a slave at that time. So was almost everyone in Europe, in one way or another.
5. In the sixteenth century, Oliver Cromwell exported Irish people and gypsies over the Atlantic as slaves. There are records of freed black slaves in the West Indies and Louisiana owning British gypsies. It “was not unknown” for Scottish clan chiefs to sell off some of their own clan folk into “indenture” in America whenever they felt hard up.
6. In the late nineteenth century, after having grown up in the workhouse, a place where illegitimate children and the destitute were forced to work for nothing at that time, Henry Morton Stanley crossed darkest Africa from west to east. He made the journey in the company of a man who already knew his way around in darkest Africa because he had been there many times in the course of his time-honoured business obtaining slaves for export eastward to the Arab markets.
7. Slavery was officially outlawed in Saudi Arabia in the nineteen sixties, although it is true to say that women there still have the status of property today.

Slavery is not something white people did to Africans who were living very nice lives in paradise before that thank you. Slavery has been an established institution throughout the whole of history, the fundamental basis of the human socio-economic system and the driving force behind the organisation and progress of civilisation. At the moment outright slavery is absent in most of the world. But it will be back. Ironically, the present occupants of the White House might well be the ones most instrumental in heading us in that direction.

The photograph shows Simon Aban Deng, a refugee from Sudan, who, as a child, spent several years as a domestic slave. Real life is a little more complicated, Michelle.