Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The religion of science

After reading that, in Britain, a Methodist chef is claiming big money from the British taxpayer on grounds that his employer wanted him to handle pork (because he’s a chef) and handling pork is against his religion, and after reading that the Halal Food Authority, no less, states that "An animal should not be dead prior to slaughter", Frit is heading for Saudi Arabia. The intention is to seek employment in an abattoir and sue the pants off anybody who expects him not to kill anything that’s already dead, on grounds of this being against Frit’s religion, i.e. making sense. The Saudi taxpayer can jolly well cough up.

But reading further down the Halal Food Authority’s page this plan goes awry as it seems that slaughtering may only be carried out by an actual proper Methodist. Non-Methodists are simply unfit for it, although they are kindly allowed to perform downstream abattoir tasks such as skinning and gutting, packaging, transporting and so forth. Nothing racist about that. The Halal Food Authority also tells Frit that Methodism "Is a religion of science, a science which without laboratory testing gave us a covenant that blood is not allowed to be consumed and its raw form could be a hazard and an imperilment to human health. Centuries later, we have the affirmation from Mister Scientist that it is harmful for humankind!" They are so damned scientific. So many light-years ahead of us. So damned smart!