Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dog eats dog

Is there anything more revolting than watching dog eating dog on TV? It happened in the UK, when one of the dogs who rule over us bit one of the bitches that rule over us and feed us the news as she quizzed him on the current MPs' expenses fiddling scandal, asking her how much licence fee money she pockets for her important work. He demanded “freedom of information”. “92,000 pounds”, she admitted, without shame. That is more than the 64,766 pounds paid to MPs, the dog replied, skilfully not mentioning the much larger sums paid to Fiddler in Chief Boredom Brown and his gang of expert fiddling cabinet ministers. “I don't even make a personal phone call from the BBC, as I understand what public sector money is about”, the bitch shamefully then lied.

Yes, good to see dog eating dog in this way, but it is a rare event. Both live from each other and they know it. As Frit has often pointed out in previous posts, he believes it the primary duty of every right-leaning person to ask each and every left-leaning person to show us their bank statements every time they open their mouths in public. It is the only way they can be exposed. It is the only way they can be stopped. There is no shame in earning money, there is only shame in earning money from preaching to the gullible and the young that there's shame in earning it.

Dog can be seen eating dog at