Thursday, 7 May 2009

Hope to no avail

When recently giving evidence in Washington to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Hectomillionairess Hillary Rod’em Clinton said the situation in Pakistan "poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world". She dares to kindly point this out to us, and those who feed us the news dare to report it as a revelation, when she, and they, and the White African King and every other single one of those who rule us campaigned so relentlessly for so long to bring down the Musharaf government, made up of soldiers in uniforms (shudder), which struggled so valiantly for so long to keep the lid on that dangerously over-procreating and nuclear armed country. When that government was finally brought down, the BBC, mouthpiece of the British wing of those who rule us and who earn so well from screwing civilisation, famously commented that “The hope is a return to democracy will help calm the situation”.