Friday, 8 May 2009

Savage conspiracy

Frit notes that, to silence an individual it doesn’t agree with, the European Parliment has had to change its rules. The original rules mistakenly stated that the “oldest serving member of parliament” should make the opening speech of the new session and not that the “oldest serving member of parliament whose views you agree with” should make it. This has now been duly corrected to the benefit of all.

Meanwhile, the banning of Michael Savage from the Islamo-Feminist-Samesexer Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free, a similar instance, is causing Frit to doubt some of what he himself wrote in the right-hand column of this blog a long time ago. This implies that the global takeover and control of all aspects of information and society by one self-seeking group of assorted liberal professionals is an organic, almost unintentional process, stemming from the fact that those who make up this group simply share a common brain and thus a common agenda and therefore have no need to conspire out loud or in writing, as it were, to achieve it. However, putting Michael Savage on a list of true unsavouries and banning him from entering a European country that he had no intention of visiting makes the entire thing start to appear more like a very conscious, deliberate, orchestrated, carefully coordinated and planned sinister international conspiracy. Sources tell Frit that he might well be next to be deprived of opportunity to pig out on fish and chips whilst treading streets paved with gum and dog shit in that once green and pleasant land. As might we all.