Friday, 22 May 2009

Legal profession guilty of bringing down civilisation

Three British judges have ruled that British soldiers are “covered by the right to life”. Soldiers should receive the full protection of the Human Rights Act even when they are on the battlefield, they say. Judges in other countries are sure to follow suit. This means that every family of a dead soldier is going to go to court to obtain compensation (money). This means it is no longer possible to run an army, to fight a war, i.e. the end of civilisation’s ability to defend itself. Democracy is now set for its inevitable downfall due to its fatal inbuilt flaw, i.e. equal voting rights given to the gullible, the young, the greedy, the hapless and other groups whose shortcomings leave them vulnerable to the manipulations of the leftist professional classes, ever eager to sink their teeth into as much money, power and prestige as a constant show of sham self-righteousness can bring in. Judges are typical and representative of this class, and perhaps its most insidious element.

Of course, anyone knows that, were the law written in stone, computers could dispense justice and we would need no judges. The fact that it is not written in stone means that it is always a matter of the interpretation, opinion and prejudice of the judge. So whenever judges excuse their destructive decisions on the basis that “the law is the law”, they are always telling a whopping lie for their own career prospects and their own financial gain. Stuff civilisation!