Monday, 11 May 2009

Saintly and selfless people on the fiddle

Unelected Prime Minister of Britain Boredom Brown and his team of British labour government spongers have lately been caught fiddling their expenses to such good effect that their poll ratings have hit bottom and it looks very much like we shall see the back of them soon. Irish lefty terrorists Adams and McGuiness are embroiled in it in a big way, too, and Palestinian passport holder hero George Galloway has been revealed as the biggest fiddler of all.
The defence of all these assorted dishonourable individuals is to say that others, such as Frit, fiddle their expenses too. This argument doesn’t wash because the difference is that Frit is not a saint. Frit will readily tell anybody, right upfront, that he’ll fiddle the hell out of any expenses account anyone is fool enough to put him on, as effectively and consistently as he possibly can, because that’s what you do with expenses, whereas Boredom Brown and the rest of the sanctimonious selfless crew spend all their time hoodwinking the gullible and the young into thinking they do otherwise.