Friday, 16 May 2008


Thank goodness we got Israel’s 60th anniversary over and done with before it provided the media with any more opportunity to interview whinging Palestinian “activists”, each a father of 57 children, and opportunity to turn the event into the 60th anniversary of the “Palestinian Catastrophe” (by which they absolutely do not mean the catastrophe of the advent of that sad modern-day phenomenon, the professional Palestinian foreign aid guzzler and breeding machine).

May Frit refer all concerned to an earlier post entitled “A tale of two ladies”, which is to be considered definitive as regards all aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and may he remind that the number of unfortunate Palestinians dispossessed in war with the Israelis sixty years ago was around 700,000. The vast majority of the truly remarkable 10.5 million Palestinians bred into existence in the meantime were not on the planet back then. They were never driven out of anywhere and have no claim to anything, and the very idea that the simpletons who run our media should indulge them in this way, forcing us to listen to endless whining about returning to “their land”, is a downright disgrace. Wake up! However softly Palestinians may endlessly talk about their rights and about possessing “their land”, whilst sitting on their backsides eating aid, they are by implication talking about destroying the state of Israel, all its works and all its people. And giving them air time so to do is not an act of fairness, furriness and impartiality, it is an act of bungling complicity in their sincerely intended genocidal crime.

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