Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tarring with same brush

The spectacle of hysterical mussulmen beating themselves until they bleed is becoming a regular one on our TV screens. It is always shown as an interesting cultural event, an almost wholesome phenomena, and not as a horrifying gross phenomena of which the human race should be ashamed. It is never shown with condemning comment. Otherwise we might offend. Offend who? Offend thick, backward, hate-filled barmy mussulmen? But what about the other mussulmen, the ones who look at this spectacle with the same degree of disgust as civilised, sane people the world over, and who need our support? Why does the ruling class ignore these sane mussulmen and pander to the insane ones? Why oh why do they tar all mussulmen with the same brush? Are they racists?

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