Monday, 3 March 2008

Disastrous multiplication of wars

The members of the international ruling class have a rule that says whenever the Chechen war is referred to in the media it shall always be referred to as “The Disastrous Chechen War”. To make sure this always works and is always swallowed by the gullible and the young, they hit upon the ruse of splitting the Chechen war into two, i.e.:

· “The First Chechen War” (the ghastly event that was badly run by the Russians and went badly) and
· “The Second Chechen War” (the ghastly event that was well run by the Russians and appears to have gone well).

This clever subterfuge then enables them to never have to describe the first in terms of the second, but they can glue the two back together anytime they like to describe the second in terms of the first. They are devious.

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