Tuesday, 11 March 2008

History is over

A belief that history is over is widespread amongst those who rule us, in all their naivety. They have lived so long in a period of peace and prosperity that the horrors and abominations evident throughout human history are unreal to them. They happened in the past and belong there; they have no part in today’s world. We’ve moved on from all that.

When New Orleans flooded and the psychopaths, murderers, misogynists, sex offenders and criminals of every type leaped out of the woodwork at the drop of a hat to behave as they have behaved since the beginning of time, those who rule over us were genuinely shocked. These are the people they have been defending and indulging and making money from for so long. But they quickly managed their shock, quickly papered it over. All too real for their view of the furry new world they’ve created for us to live in. No mention of it anywhere anymore.

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