Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Serious diplomacy

The New York Times says that “For six years, President Bush rejected any serious diplomacy with North Korea. That obstinacy made the world a more dangerous place. While he was refusing to talk, Pyongyang made more fuel for more weapons and tested a nuclear device.”

Like all the others who feed us the news, the New York Times conveniently forgets that North Korea developed its nuclear weapons programme whilst hectomillionaire Clinton occupied the Whitehouse. In between bouts of diddling the staff, Clinton paid large sums of American money to the North Korean communists when they said they would not develop a nuclear weapon if they were given money. They then used the money they were given to develop a nuclear weapon and came back for more, and more. The current administration refused to pursue this particular type of “serious diplomacy”. Its “obstinacy” in this matter is what has brought about change.