Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Allah writes name on fish

Frit has learned that the divorce rate amongst adult male Warmers is so high that, during their lifetimes, male Warmers probably have even more wives than male Mussulmanics. This could obviously be a direct source of conflict between the two groups as the number of women on the planet is finite. By way of trying to avoid this and to bring the two groups closer together, Frit’s people have now succeeded in crossing a Warmer with a Mussulmanic in the laboratory. The result, known as a Wussulmanic, is a truly miserable wretch who eats no meat, drinks nothing but instant coffee and goes around compulsively falsifying data on the number of times he throws his shoes at somebody in the belief that this has something to do with reducing carbon footprints.

Searching Google images for a picture to go with “carbon” and “Allah” turns up this intelligent individual displaying an eggplant with “Allah” miraculously written inside it. Then there is the case of the Oscar fish with “Mohammed” written on one side and “Allah” on the other . . .