Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mussulmen short of water in which to drown their women

Reading that Syria is facing a water crisis, Frit urges the Syrians not to worry too much as it is now very clear that aging Hectomillionairess Hillary Rod’em Clinton, US presidential advisor David al-Aqsarod and the rest of the talented US team clearly believe that water shortage problems in the Middle East can easily be solved by simply finding a suitable river down which to sell Israel.

In Frit’s view, the Israelis must now cease building houses in East Jerusalem so that the world sees this brings no peace. Then the Israelis must abandon Jerusalem altogether so the world sees this brings no progress either. Then they must abandon all their territory except for a square meter of dessert somewhere so the world sees this also yields nothing. Then they must abandon that last square meter and go live on the moon so the world can see the Pale Stinians turning the entire country into rubble amidst which they then busy themselves trying to make rockets that can kill people at that distance whilst calling for the return of “their” moon.