Monday, 31 January 2011

Bad start to new year

Media people seem to think that current unrest in the Middle East promises the advent of a whole new collection of left-leaning utopian democracies ultimately paving the way for a left-leaning global utopia. They are doing their best to help talk this into existence by encouraging revolution. Thus it is that searching Google News for “Mubarak dictator” and “Ben Ali dictator” suddenly gets large numbers of hits in recent news but absolutely none in less recent news despite the fact that both dictators have been mature dictators for a very long time. Nobody seemed to notice. Some of what the news calls “protestors”, not “rioters”, are indeed, of course, left-leaning ideologists in search of utopia, which they will never find. But others are rabid racist religious zombies and many, many others are just the usual scum, the scourge of mankind who simply like to break and burn anything that belongs to someone else whenever opportunity arises.

The reason utopia will never exist in Egypt is simple: to achieve it, Egypt would have to create wealth at a greater rate than it creates new Egyptians, which it never will. So the sad automatic natural remedy for boundless breeding cuts in: unrest, turmoil, war, i.e. large-scale downward correction of numbers by death. Same goes for Tunisia, Jordan, Pakistan, Iran and every other Mussulmanic hole where women are kept in sacks to breed beards.