Thursday, 17 February 2011

Frit goes West

Following the impressive closing speech delivered by Lieutenant Colonel Allan West at CPAC, Frit has decided to officially endorse that individual for US President and Savior Of the Western World That Hardly Deserves It. Frit is placing his entire manpower and means at the disposal of Lieutenant Colonel Allan West and he urges his many followers to do likewise. West is honest, tough, sensible and sure of his objectives and he intends kicking lefty ass and Mussulman ass like it hasn’t been kicked for a long time. On top of all this, West is black. Delightfully black. Black as night. Black enough to rub everyone’s disgraceful nose in the racism lie. The present pasty occupant of the Whitehouse will be out looking for shoe polish to try to black up in earnest when the presidential race comes around.