Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Brown resurgence

In the past, Frit has on several occasions implied that recently self-admitted saviour of the world and would-be multimillionaire unelected British Prime Minister Boredom Brown is in every way and in every deed and in every strange tremor of the jaw at the end of the sentence and sometimes in the middle of the sentence (several times) less than impressive in his effectiveness and is a mere shadow of his predecessor multimillionaire Blair when it comes to abusing the gullible and the young with true psaz. Frit begs forgiveness for this because Brown’s record of late is a genuine surprise. In recent weeks he now appears to have gone a very long way towards turning around his extremely negative and rather brown public image with some really neat vote-buying handouts of truly mind-numbingly sate-devastating and population-pauperising proportions. Respect! He might now one day be actually voted into office after all. The office might not have any heating, furniture or lights by then, the first paper signed might be the one that authorises the return of ration books, but what the hell. What counts is that people love you.