Thursday, 29 January 2009

Calamity in Davos

We live in a world where a narcissist can give himself the false name “Bonio” and, amazingly, everyone calls him that. Bonio is a “social activist” and the only person ever to have been nominated for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a Grammy and a Nobel Peace Prize. So his furry credentials are sexy beyond belief. This is a man who has never made a single cent from his own altruism and who rises from his bed each morning only for the good of others. “Stay in bed Bonio”, they say, “stay in bed.” “No, no”, says Bonio, “I must rise for others.” So we are all very sad to learn that Bonio is said not to be putting in his usual appearance at Davos for this year’s World Economic Forum. And in a year when world economics needed him more than ever! The repercussions will be monumental and tragic.