Friday, 16 January 2009

Old woman, old woman, old woman say I

Old woman, old woman, old woman say I,
O whither, O whither, O whither so high?
To sweep the cobwebs off the sky,
And have a baby by-and-by.

Recently, when Frit and Mrs Frit were out and about, their paths chanced to cross that of a little girl and young mother, hand in hand. This pretty sight was so striking because young mothers are now so rarely seen. In our western world, we mostly only get to see old mothers. Most of them can’t cope, due to their age, and most will be basket cases before their child (all too often just one lonely, wretched little being) grows up. Yes, the “women’s movement” has managed to convince society, in the face of all the biological facts, that waiting to have your baby until you can reasonably be mistaken for its grandmother is a super and sensible plan. If they have their way we shall soon have laws that prohibit pregnancy to any woman with a complete set of teeth. This is a very sad thing for children and a serious disaster for society. But never say so. Saying so is practically a lynching offence. Hate mail is a certainty. Banishment to the Land of Old Fashioned is a must. The women’s movement can sometimes be a bit of an intolerant and catty little bitch to deal with.