Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Solana – such a straightforward guy

At the same time that the European ruling class is in an Obama trance and is undergoing a closing Guantanamo catharsis, it seems not to know if it is inclined to give any practical help. This can only be because it knows as well as anybody else that a lot of the European tax payers it steals from are a lot less than enthusiastic about the idea of having to pay for the lifelong upkeep of bunches of deeply disturbed pathological Methodists and really couldn’t care less what happens to them if they are returned to their own countries of origin. European mouthpiece Javier Solana, a truly masterful milker of the gullible and the young, says the EU wants to help on humanitarian grounds, but cannot act until the US demonstrates that the hard done-by Methodist prisoners concerned “do not pose a credible security risk”! If Frit understands this right, the fidgeting that those who rule us have undergone up to now has been for lack of proof that Guantanamo inmates are bad people, but now it is for lack of proof that they aren’t.

Searching Google images for “Solana” disappointingly throws up countless pictures of his selfless and self-sacrificing fast talking face, so Frit chose this nice Goya painting of somebody called the “Marquise de la Solana” instead. Much nicer to look at.