Monday, 23 February 2009

Judge gives wrong answer to question

Frit learns that Lord Fatmed, Labour's first Methodist peer, texting killer who ought to be in prison and the man at the heart of the opposition to Dutch politician Geert Wilders visiting Britain, once invited an Al Qaeda terror suspect to visit Parliament. The Palestinian in question was detained in Britain in December 2001 on suspicion of fundraising for groups linked to Al Qaeda. He is said to have admitted travelling in Afghastlystan with large sums of money hidden in a plaster cast on his leg. He has since been subjected to a control order which places restrictions on his freedom. Recently, at a court hearing, he asked the judge “Do you want me to kill myself? I have a razor”. The judge, of course, neglected to say an emphatic “YES”. Instead, “his psychiatrist” and his solicitor led him from court. The hearing was adjourned, whilst the judge, the psychiatrist and the solicitor all take a bit more money from the public purse.