Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Eluana Englaro, the 38-year-old Italian woman who spent 17 years in a permanent vegetative state, being fed through tubes, has been allowed to die. Or has been “murdered”, depending on your point of view. In Frit’s view, permitting a person in this miserable state to die is a sensible and reasonable thing. So Frit very much disagrees with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who involved himself at the last minute, saying:

"In my view we must make every possible effort to avoid the death of a person whose life is in danger but who is not brain-dead, a person who is breathing autonomously, a living person whose brain cells are alive and send electrical signals, a person who hypothetically could conceive a child."

But, however much one might disagree with this sentiment, as Frit does, he wonders at just how warped and partisan and consumed with hatred Britain’s “Independent” newspaper reveals itself to be when it comments that:

The latter remark provoked astonishment and disgust; Mr Berlusconi seemed to be reducing womanhood to the status of a reproductive machine.”

Dread to think what would have been said had he called for her “murder”!