Friday, 20 February 2009

Nasty parasite given cash

Radical Methodist "preacher" Abu Bonanza has been awarded 2,500 pounds in compensation by the European Court of Human Rights. Judges ruled that his detention without trial in the UK under anti-terrorism powers breached his human rights. Of course, although it is an awful affront to common sense, this sum is paltry in comparison to the sums the British taxpayers have shelled out for the upkeep of this nasty parasite over the past few years and in comparison to what these judges and other judges have been earning from him all this time (see earlier post). And as he is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights to quash the recent British decision to expel him from the UK, the same judges are set to keep on earning from him for some time to come.

The snake in the picture is apparently on sale on the Internet for 2,500 pounds. The nasty parasite in question should be made to spend his money on it and then be eaten by it. Then it could eat the judges.