Thursday, 29 April 2010

Brown bigot

Unelected Prime Minister of the UK Boredom Brown has disgraced himself and revealed himself unto the ultimate by smarming a harmless British pensioner for the cameras, launching a vicious verbal attack on her the moment she was out of sight then groveling at her and the nation’s feet once accidentally outed. The lady in question is very lucky he didn’t beat her up physically, as he does those in his office. In his defense, he appears to be trying to tell everybody that it was all the pensioner’s fault for mentioning the “I” word, which is such an awful word that it makes him shudder and go to pieces, and, in any case, “bigotedis Scottish forvery nice person, I like you, would you like to share my false eye”. But the electorate is not fooled. In the opinion of serious pundits such as Frit, Brown is now history. He concealed his true vile and self-seeking character from the public for what seems like hundreds of depressing years, but in the end it popped out and brought him down. Nice to see. Nice to see.