Monday, 26 April 2010

Political freak show

The world’s most abhorrent political alliance has just been struck between stunted warmonger Madmood Madjihadimad and Robert Mugabe, Africa’s most hardwearing socialist despot. Madjihadimad says he wants a world free of nuclear weapons except for his own. After all, what’s the point in all those worthless kuffar having nuclear bombs, he (rightly) asks, if they have no plans to detonate any? The Islamic Republic, on the other hand, has every intention of making proper use of its own bombs the moment they are ready to go. How else can the divine teletubby ensconced at the bottom of that well down south for so many years be brought out to finally put the world to rights? This fits in well with Mugabe’s dream of a world in which he has opportunity to reduce everybody’s life expectancy at birth by significantly more than the 14 years he has so successfully achieved in his own country during his reign up to now.