Monday, 19 April 2010


Unelected Prime Minister of Britain and office bully Boredom Brown has embarrassingly made a speech “setting out his vision” for a “global society”. The global society is a perfect society in which nobody does any work yet all are fabulously rich and healthy and all eternally vote for and worship Boredom Brown for making it all possible. Of course, the “vision” of an individual possessing a mere 50% of the visual organs of the normal person can be expected to lack some proper depth and accuracy. No matter, carried away with his own munificence and lack of decorum he then apparently removed his glass eye, held it aloft before his astonished audience and offered it as a bung to plug that volcano in Iceland that is currently doing so much to inconvenience teachers, many of whom are Labour Party voters, stranded in holiday destinations with Brown wanting to do almost anything to get them back in the country in time to vote.