Friday, 11 April 2008


Silvio Berlusconi is up for election in a couple of days, so his name is being mentioned often in the media, normally accompanied by a customary gratuitous description, e.g. “multimillionaire Berlusconi”.

Hillary Clinton is up for election soon. Her name is being mentioned often in the media. However, despite the fact that, last week, the Clintons were forced to reveal they’ve earned more than one hundred million dollars in the last eight years (and only the truly naive would think this is the whole truth), Frit has not once heard her referred to as “multimillionairess Hillary Clinton”, and he is sure he never will.

By way of doing his bit towards redressing this blatant imbalance on the part of the mainstream media run by the ruling class, Frit will be using the gratuitous description “Hectomillionairess Hillary Clinton” whenever referring to that person on this site from now on.

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