Thursday, 9 October 2008

Mainstream manipulation

After months of waiting for the mainstream media to stop protecting us from mention of the lawsuit filed by democrat Philip J. Berg, a Hillary Clinton supporter, claiming that multimillionaire B.A. Barackabama is not an American citizen and therefore can never be President of the United States, the Times Online finally takes the initiative. Trouble is the Times Online article, a Barackabama eulogy, manages not to mention the fact that the lawsuit was filed by a democrat. In fact it deliberately makes it appear as if the lawsuit is just some piece of nonsense filed by a republican: “Mr Obama’s African roots have been used by some opponents to hint that he is not quite American, or is a closet Muslim. Right-wing talk show hosts emphasise his middle name, Hussein. A lawsuit has been filed claiming that he was born in Kenya, and is therefore ineligible for the presidency.”

Is this an act of completely shameful deliberate manipulation of fact or what?