Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Trickle of untruths

Multimillionaire President B.A. Barackabama is currently going around bedazzling the gullible and the young with the magnificent revelation that “trickle down economic theories” are rubbish. Apparently, the hope that prosperity trickles down to everyone in a rich society is simply in vain. It’s as if the half of the world run according to the opposite economic system until only very recently was a big success. It’s as if the people who lived under that system all grew rich and content and never became poor, depressed, hopeless alcoholics standing around in long queues. And it’s as if they didn’t abandon that system with gusto the moment opportunity arose as soon as they realised that, during the same period of history, we unfortunates in the western world, condemned to live according to “trickle down economic theories”, had, against all the rules, grown mysteriously light-years better off.

Frit is of the mind that Multimillionaire President B.A. Barackabama, like all of his ilk, is in command of sufficient intellect to be aware of inescapably obvious historic facts like this. So he must just be telling untruths. As long as the gullible, the young, the less well-off and the envious will swallow it, anything goes.