Wednesday, 9 December 2009


The Wally In Charge Of Warming at the UN has appeared on TV in a very expensive suit to rubbish Climategate. Desperately trying to preserve the gravy train and shortly before his appointment to be measured for his next expensive suit, this cross between a badger and a garden gnome, inventor of the farting cow, valiantly defended the planet from a bunch of harmless emails hacked and distributed by Frit’s anti-warming organization War On Warmers (WOW). Climategate is nonsense and poor countries have every right to come to Copenhagen to steal from the rich! All the same, Frit detects that those who feed us the news are becoming unsettled by Climategate in that they are slowly starting to report it.

Meanwhile, unelected Prime Minister of Britain, warmer and tub of Scots lard Boredom Brown, has publicly referred to Frit and other prominent global warming skeptics as “flat-earthers”. So incensed is Frit by this insult that he had his men challenge Brown to a duel. As brown has but a single eye he cannot reasonably be expected to have a fair chance throwing claymores at ten paces. This is why Frit has proposed throwing claymores at ten paces, but has undertaken to aim only at the missing eye.