Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Shove your minaret

The Swiss have refused to have the Mussulmanics force them to build minarets on top of their cuckoo clocks. The Mussulmanics are upset. They thought that giving their towers a name the sound of which conjures up the image of a sweet French schoolgirl would mask their sinister purposes. They were wrong. The Swiss were not fooled. Switzerland is now leading Europe and is not even a member of the EU. In retaliation, Saudi Arabia wanted to hold a referendum on forbidding Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, but since these are already forbidden and nobody seems to notice they are instead said to be planning a referendum on forbidding holes in cheese. The rules are that women are not allowed to vote at all and should shut up and men can only vote if they are the King. Historically, the Mussulmanics have been suspicious of the Swiss since the day one of them failed to cut off the head of his son before shooting an apple from the top of it. Now this.

Question: Is it possible to hold a referendum and then declare the outcome illegal if it is not the outcome you wanted?
Answer: Yes it is. Just watch.