Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hating by candlelight

Frit reads that the European Union is paying 15 million dollars a month to the Pale Stinians of Gaza to buy fuel for their power station. Given that there are 1.5 million Pale Stinians in Gaza, if Frit does his sums properly this means 10 dollars per month per person. Given that Abdul and Fatima normally have at least 8 children, this would make 10 persons per household netting 10 times 10 equals 100 dollars for electricity each month, or a staggering 1,200 dollars worth of electricity per year. They should switch off their standby buttons.

Now, it seams, this money, provided by the European taxpayers, is no longer being handed out to the particular bunch of corrupt criminals it was being handed out to, but instead to a different bunch of corrupt criminals, i.e. the Pale Stinian Authority, which is like throwing it into a hole in the ground, a hole so deep that they might have to shut down their power plant for lack of fuel. Unfortunate. Without electric light how can they possibly see to bite the hand that feeds them or spot Israelis making off with the livers of their children at night?