Monday, 1 February 2010

Teachers cut and run

Machu Picchu, meaning “Old Shed” and pronounced Måãåçhŭ Pïï©ĉŭ, is a stone shed in Peru constructed by some backward people in 1430, several thousand years after stone sheds of very much higher quality were constructed elsewhere in the world. Those who rule us have declared Machu Picchu a world heritage site and have made it one of their places of pilgrimage, ignoring, as best they can, the fact that the entire shed was most likely constructed for the sole purpose of sacrificing human children to the man in the sun by pinning them to a big stone and cutting out their living hearts. Those who rule us flock there in droves to atone for the sins of the invading white man, to haggle over the prices of a ride on a llama with poor people and pretend they are there for the sake of those poor people instead of for their own. But, last week, the scene was spoiled when the spirits of the long gone Incas rose up to perform a rain dance that swelled the rivers, washed away the roads and the accommodation and plunged thousands into a grisly real life situation with neither food nor shelter. For an explanation of what happened next, i.e. when helicopters were eventually sent to airlift them out and those who rule us readily paid bribes to make sure they got out first so that only the “backpackers” were left behind (in other words the young, their students), please see the “What is the terrible fact” section in the right-hand column of this blog.