Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Taliban better watch out at ten o’clock on Monday

Frit reads that General McChrystal, in charge of efforts in Afghastlystan, has been dropping leaflets on the Taliban (Tiresome Allah’s Little Illiterate Addled Nitwits) warning them they will be attacked this week. The planned attack has been reported extensively on the news all over the world for days. This is such a smart and devious strategy for winning a battle. Frit has it on good authority that Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan and the Duke of Wellington always made a point of informing the enemy exactly when and where they were about to attack, well in advance. As we all know, the biggest mistake made by the allies in the Second World War was to keep all the preparations for the D-Day landings a secret. So many allied lives would have been saved had they notified the enemy in good time!

Message to the soldiers of the NATO forces: get your guns and force McChrystal to walk ahead of you.