Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hill and Bill

Frit famously dislikes aging Hectomillionairess Hillary Rod ’em Clinton even more than Hectomillionaire Bill Clinton dislikes her. For this reason Frit was very instrumental in making sure she failed to win the leadership of the Democratic Party and become President. So why is he now beginning to wish she had won?

Meanwhile, the health of Hectomillionaire Bill, who has just been in hospital for something which we’ll probably never know the honest details of (AIDS say some), is a source of concern to Frit. Frit, hopes Bill survives a bit longer because, if he passes over to where the shiny, slimy and slick cavort amongst the wispy clouds of conman heaven, Frit will undoubtedly also pass over out of nausea at the song and dance certain to ensue on TV.