Friday, 25 June 2010

Gaza Ahoy! (again)

This week, Frit is busy delivering aid to Gaza. He has chartered this vessel stacked up with assorted guns, ammo, explosives and rockets packed in cases labelled “Medical supplies”. The rest of the words on the labels, i.e. “will be urgently needed once Hamas gets its hands on all this stuff” have been crossed out. The vessel is crewed by three dozen Hezbollah storm troopers one of whom claims he knows the words to Kumbaya. Amazingly, this project has the full backing of every single government of every single country in the world! The Multimillionaire White Mohammedan Nobel Laureate Joker President is so impressed he even invited Frit to the White House for dinner. Frit courteously declined because, when he eats goat, he prefers not to sit on the floor and eat it with his hands.

Unluckily, Frit’s people ran out of room to write “Aid Ship” on the stern and, due to time pressure, arrived at a less than optimum abbreviation.