Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Offensive suckling

Frit notes that the Afghastlystanis are offended at having been called “backward” by a British minister. He also notes that the US authorities condemned the recent “Everybody draw Mohammed Day” as offensive. Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabian authorities have absolutely failed to respond to Frit’s letter demanding they, in turn, condemn things that are truly offensive to him and to all other enlightened human beings living in the 21st century, such as the debate currently going on in that country as to the pros and cons of having working women breastfeed their male colleagues as a way of making it acceptable for them to work together in the same building!!

The Mussulmanniquins pictured here in a shop window in Tehran, however, will thankfully never be asked to accommodate their male counterparts in that way as the religious police have sawn off their offensive breasts. ISLAM = Infantile Shiites Loath Ample Mammeries.