Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Human doner kebab speaks out for HAMAS

Curious to see that Erdogan, the supremacist who rules Turkey, a man as cheap and greasy as his own national dish that looks like dog meat on a spit, and probably is, is demanding an apology from Israel over the terrorist flotilla episode. This is the leader of a country with one of the bloodiest histories and one of the worst human rights records of all time. Even today, Kurds in Turkey are still forbidden to give their children Kurdish names, Frit reads.

Curious also to notice that Erdogan, such an avid follower of Prophet Mohammed, who hated dogs, should go to all the trouble of featuring the word “dog” so prominently right in the middle of his own name. And, equally curious that, despite his HAMAS friends being similarly true adherents of the Prophet and thus forbidden to have anything to do with any part of a pig, they should choose a name that so obviously starts off with the word “HAM”. But then the name of the Prophet himself, irrespective of the various spellings (i.e. Muhammad, Muhammed, Mohammed etc.), always appears stubbornly constructed around its own substantial and quite centrally placed pork content.