Monday, 21 June 2010

The victimisation World Cup

Frit has just returned from South Africa where he spent a few days looking for white folk. This is because the intense media coverage of that country during the current World Cup was giving him the impression there are no longer any whites left there. Frit is aware that whites are being culled in large numbers in the Rainbow Nation right now without the media giving it a mention, so he wondered if they had already been wiped out in totality. Happily, Frit is able to report that this is not the case, there are indeed some whites still hanging around in the bush down there, patiently waiting their turn to be hacked to pieces in their beds. But as their faces fail to fit the desired narrative, media cameras are simply leaving them out. Mystery solved.

Whilst there, Frit took this photograph of one of the biggest but least reported pieces of environmental vandalism of all time. It seems the first thing Nelson Mandela did upon assuming office was to order the pointy part of this mountain sawn off and thrown into the ocean for no other reason than it attracted snow and, as we all know, snow is the same colour as the Boer.