Monday, 1 September 2008

Croning ceremonies

Madonna, a publicity seeking old woman who’s life has been dedicated to showing her body parts to people on stage for money (such a modern idea!), is the latest being to crawl from the swamp to back Multimillionaire President B.A. Barackabama, comparing him to the Indian God Ghandi, the ultimate selfless being who wanted nothing but got immense influence, limelight and fame anyway. She also compares McCain to Hitler. The only historical figure Frit can think of comparing Madonna with is the ghastly crone said throughout the ages to sit on the chests of people when they sleep, giving them nightmares and thus bequeathing us the fine concept of having been “hagridden”. There must be so many to have crossed Madonna’s path who feel that way.

NB: Frit reads that crones can now be properly and officially croned at a croning ceremony. A woman who describes herself as “an eco-crone, ritualist, hypnotherapist, frame drummer and emerging gourd artist” is “available as a consultant and convener to plan and/or conduct customized croning ceremonies for individuals, groups, circles, and gatherings”. She can be contacted at by any aspiring crone who would like to find out her “fee schedule”. However much it is, Frit feels sure Madonna has made enough from public vulgarity to afford it.