Monday, 15 September 2008

Jury unable to decide if it has less gumption than backbone or vice versa

The British legal system has flunked yet again. This time it has failed to have 7 would-be terrorists garrotted after a lucrative 5 month trial. Apparently, this is the fault of George Bush for having ordered the arrest of a terrorist suspect “too soon” for the super big-earning British police force and prosecution service to have built a watertight case against the seven. The evidence against them only included six “suicide videos” to be released to the media after an attack, a mass of bombmaking material and extensive surveillance video and audio recordings. Not enough. The good men and women of a British jury need a terrorist to have detonated his bomb and killed and maimed a lot of people on camera from ten different angles before they will take him seriously. They just couldn’t be convinced.

The well-paid judge allowed the jurors a two-week holiday after they had retired to consider their verdicts. They were also given time off for one juror to attend a training course and they had several days off for illness. Between July 28, when the jury retired, and September 8, when it returned its verdicts, it deliberated for just over 56 hours. Frit thinks the members of this jury should now be prosecuted for wasting public money and the judge, the police, the prosecution and defence should all be prosecuted for stealing it.