Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sudden funny turn for Biden?

As a response to the Republicans' appointment of a woman as vice presidential candidate, which appears to be going down well, multimillionaire President and Saviour of all Mankind B.A. Barackabama is said to be planning to have multimillionaire Joe Biden give up his appointment as Democratic vice presidential candidate “for health reasons” so that hectomillionairess Hilary Clinton can now take his place. Surely the Democrats (who tell us on their website that they stand for open, honest and accountable government) couldn’t be so devious, dishonest and deceitful. OH YES THEY COULD!

Looking at the Democratic Party’s website, one comes across astonishingly illiterate passages in “crtical” places, like: “We are in a crticial moment that will reverberate for generations to come. We see us through these times, Democrats will work to end the war in Iraq and refocus our nation's efforts on those who attacked us on September 11.”

and: “When Democrats ask for your vote, we can win anywhere.”

and: “We released a new, 65-page report on John McCain's 26 years in Washington, cozy relationships with his lobbyist campaign advisors and fundraisers and the backroom deals he's been involved with have harmed Americans and cost America jobs.”

We can’t send them all back to school because that’s where they all hang out anyway . . .