Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bush out, bushman in

Multimillionaire (non)Islamic radical communist President B.A. Barackabama has at last been elected to power having successfully whipped the gullible and the young into an ecstatic media driven froth the world over. He is the first true leader of the entire world, in many parts of which he is even more popular than in the USA (Europe, for instance). We know not who he really is, we know not what he really is about, but we don’t really care. All that counts is the ecstasy. The new age has dawned. The Age of the African King. The drums are beating; the bush is abuzz, lizards are being sacrificed, campfires burning bright. Everything is going to be different from now on for everyone is a furry laidback African now. After all, life began in Africa and white men are but long lost Africans who once wandered northwards, removed the bones from their noses and went pale. So let us ignore all negative aspects such as concealed records, dubious or criminal associations and the alleged Mideast origins of some of the vast sums of money collected by his campaign. Let us simply rejoice that the African King is at last cometh, hoping dearly that, with his truly magic medicine man ways, in his term he will bringeth current African standards up to our own rather than our own down to its.