Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Class at school

The uncertainty and tension, the agony of not knowing, is at last over. The decision has been made, it’s official – the daughters of the multimillionaire white African King will be going to a private school (a place where parents pay to obtain superior education and social advantage for their children) rather than to a state school (where all you learn is how to wear clothes several sizes too big, badmouth your betters and use a needle properly). Phew, what a surprise. We all thought he would stay true to his oft-stated furry egalitarian principles, go for the classless option, the brave new world order option, not just push them off to the very same pre-the-messiah-cometh school to which the pre-the-messiah-cometh hectomillionaire Clintons sent their own lonely and very drippy-looking progeny (she must despise her mother sooo much, and so much dream of one day outdoing her – no competitiveness in the family at all).