Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Frit reads that, in 2003, Americans paid $268 billion for new homes and $197 billion for oil. In 2008, Americans paid $134 billion for new homes and $900 billion for oil. Given these simple figures, does anyone really have to wonder why we have a financial crisis? The western world is simply being bent over a barrel of oil by OPEC, a CARTEL. Cartels are not allowed in western societies because they are a form of robbery. You get put in jail if you operate one. But the oil producers operate a cartel.

People talk endlessly about how we should protect ourselves against this criminal cartel by making our own fuel out of Pringles and so forth. It’s all a matter of finding a simple alternative, of making a few minor adjustments. The world will then be put right. This is how we avoid having to face realities. In the opinion of Frit, the real world is such that only drastic, real remedies can break this real cartel before we are all pauperised. One such real world remedy would be to invade Iraq, turn it into a western-leaning democracy and buy our oil from it. Ah, but this has already been tried and is not progressing as well as it should because those who rule us are too wet, blind and self-seeking to allow it to be implemented with conviction.