Friday, 28 November 2008

Ogling a pair of legs costs more than losing a pair

Frit notes that the British legal system, in the shape of the Leeds Employment Tribunal, has awarded £186,896 to a lesbian soldier averse to having her legs ogled by her male boss. This sum exceeds the £161,000 given to 21-year-old Marine Ben McBean who lost a leg and an arm in Afghanistan and the £152,150 received by Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, 24, after losing both legs and suffering 14 life-threatening injuries, including brain damage. It also dwarfs the £57,000 given to 19-year-old Private Jamie Cooper who suffered severe stomach injuries in a mortar attack in southern Iraq. The Ministry of Defence faces a further bill of £100,000 for its defence costs and the lesbian in question has three more claims pending.

Frit is of the opinion that the time has come for the British legal system to be subjected to a process of vicious purging and whip-assisted taxpayer retaliation.